Impact of Sound On Your Brain

Our Brain is one of the most complex parts of our body and sound is capable of producing powerful reactions in the listener. Sounds can impact the part of the brain which controls the link between sound, memories and emotions. 

Your Brain and Sound

Modern neuroscience has led to many fascinating advances in understanding why our ears and emotions have a strong link. The brain has seven  regions that  neuroscientists have linked with our emotional responses to sound. 
They are as follows: 
    -  Thalamus 
      - Cerebellum 
    - Amygdala  
            - Prefrontal cortex 
        -  Insular cortex 
       -  Broca's area 

It is reported that there are six psychological   mechanisms which emotions maybe produced through. 
-Brain stem reflex
-Evaluative conditioning
-Emotional contagion
-Visual imagery
-Episodic memory
- Music expectancy

Sound is converted via an electrical signal when it enters the ear the sound then travels up to the part of the brain that processes sound. This signal then travels throughout your brain hence a range of responses such as fear, stress and happiness. Music is one of the most capable of producing some of the strongest emotional reactions in humans.

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