New Walkers Pops

Walkers pops are a brand new creation from Walkers, merging their expertise in flavour
with science to create an air popped snack, at 50% less fat (than the average potato crisp).

Created with the whole family in mind Walkers experts have been busy behind the scenes to come 
up with a new snack to add to their range.
Swapping their usual frying method for a special air popped process the result is a
light potato snack that tastes delicious that can be enjoyed any time of day. 

Walkers have also been experimenting with flavours and have come up with 
4 mouthwatering options:
- Original 
- Prawn cocktail 
- Sour cream and onion 
- Melted cheese and crispy bacon. 

Walkers Pops have been available since 15th February 2014
and the 4 flavours are sold in multi packs of 6 at £1.99
Prawn cocktail and Melted cheese and crispy bacon are available in single bags
at 63p. 

My favourite out of the two I was sent has to be the Melted Cheese and crispy bacon 
I think I will be popping ;) to the shop to try out the other two flavours in the not too distant future. 

What are your favourite flavours?

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