Clean Up with Vileda "Floor Miles"

Last year I reviewed a few products from Vileda and I am a huge fan of the brand. 

Recently I have been sent three wonderful products.
- The Active Wave Scourer 
- Microfibre kitchen cloth 
- Microfibre dust cloth 

The Active Wave sponge, £1.29 makes light work of removing dirt effectively without scratching. 
The sponge scourer is appropriate for Teflon non-stick coatings or other non-coated surfaces.

The Microfibre kitchen cloth is a perfect all in one cloth, it combines a soft microfibre with a power zone
design to create a multi-purpose cloth. The stitched microfibre surface is ideal for polishing, is very absorbent and even removes grease.

The Microfibre dust cloth has a soft fleeced effect that removes up to 40% more dust than traditional dusters.
Creating its own electrostatic charge it attracts dust, dirt and hair commonly found around the home.

The Vileda Microfibre cloth range retails at £1.99

Did you know that if you laid all of the Vileda SuperMocios produced in a year end to end you could: 

1. Go around the world 6 times
2. Cover the London to NY distance 426 times
3. Run 5,631 marathons
4. Climb Mount Everest 27 times

That is a lot of "floor miles"! with that in mind, Vileda has launched a brand new initiative "floor miles" a unique way to earn rewards on cleaning chores. 

Vileda want you to help you get miles further with a chance to win a luxurious family holiday to Tenerife.
To be entered into the competition all you have to do is send in your empty Vileda packaging along with 
a completed entry form.