Pet Shop Bowl Products for Dogs

The people at Petshopbowl asked me if I wanted to have some treats for Alfie. 
Petshopbowl are a home delivery subscription service they stock a wide range of exciting products 
for a range of pets. 

One day me and Stuart are hoping to get another budgie again or maybe a guinea pig once we get
a bigger place so I will be definitely checking out what they have in the future.

Alfie is my mum and sisters dog so technically not my dog but he is such
a loveable family pet. 

So onto the goodies I was sent for him: 

- Canangan dried dog food for small dog in chicken flavour
- Burns Kelties dog treats 
- Pack of dentastix
- Kong  Treat Toy

Here is Alfie being cute as usual he is such a good little thing. 
I know he is looking forward to his treats! 
Thank you Petshopbowl.

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Wise Ways said...

Your dog is gorgeous!

jayne said...

hes a cutie

Melanie C (Miss Melvis) said...

Alfie's adorable! <3 xx

Unknown said...

I want to to want the doggy!

Emma said...

What a beautiful dog!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous dog x

Rebecca Smith said...

Would love to see a proper review of the products!!

Jacqueline Roberts said...

cute dog

Happy Homebird said...

I need some more Dentastix for my old girl as her teeth are not the best, bless her.

Missing Sleep said...

Alfie looks lovely! Your mum is lucky to have such a cute dog, nice you can be the doting aunty and spoil him with treats :) x

Sam B said...

Alfie is adorable, would love to see some more photos of him x