P20 Sun Protection


At some point today we will be travelling home from Wales after our bank holiday weekend break. 
It's not yet sunny enough to warrant wearing sun cream but I am looking forward to when the summer months come so that I can pop on my summer clothing and spend more time outside. 

I was recently sent some sun cream from a brand called P20. 
Active after just 15 minutes of application this once a day sun protection makes it easy
for all skin types to stay protected. 

P20 contains both UVA and UVB filters, providing a broad spectrum sun protection for up to 10 hours! 
With a unique alcohol based formula its set apart from traditional cream type sun products. 

The original P20 SPF sun protection is available in a transparent lotion whilst SPF's 15, 30 and 50 + 
have a much more light weight consistency and a spray format for easy application. 

P20 is designed to ensure that one application a day is sufficient, keeping the time spent reapplying sun protection  to a minimum. Once a day protection means a little goes a long way, making P20 a more economical lotion than other sun protection products. 

P20's once a day formula is proven to remain effective even after frequent swimming and is categorised as
"Very Water Resistant"  which is the highest classification available. 


 P20's unique formula is transparent and light weight in consistency, ensuring a silky and even coverage.
It's a great product if like me you hate the feel of thick and greasy formulas and as its active within 15 minutes of application its absorbed quickly with no stickiness or messy white marks left with most sun creams/lotions. 

P20 is suitable for the whole family when outdoors, at home or abroad. 
The range is available in both  200ml and travel friendly 100ml size, from all major grocery and pharmacy retailers.
The RRP is £13.29 for 100ml and £24.49 for 200ml.

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  1. It's good to find a sun cream that only has to be applied once a day. I hate having to reapply


  2. Thanks for the review, I find creams so messy so I like the sound of this.

  3. this sounds brilliant having to apply once a day .you can put on in mprning and then not worry.not a bad price either

  4. Never used this before but always seen it at the airport, might buy it now x

  5. Always wondered if this was any good because it sounds fab but isn't cheap.

  6. This sounds handy with six of us in the family we have to take loads of sun lotion, at least hubby and I could use this

  7. Never tried this as I thought it was expensive - might give it a go now x