Sensations Popcorn

Walkers are now introducing Sensations Popcorn!
In three wonderful and wacky flavours. 
- Thai Sweet Chilli
- Salt and Sweet Indian Spice
- Sweet Cinnamon 

Famous for their sweet and aromatic crisps the popular Walkers Sensation brand is giving a new meaning of "sweevory" trend with new fusion inspired popcorn.

The flavours have been inspired by around the world and this collection of enticing flavoured popcorn
is set to revolutionise the way we snack and is sure to add a little indulgence to your day. 

My favourite has to be the Thai Sweet Chilli I love this flavour in the crisps. 
I have found that the popcorn version is just as good. 

The Salt and Sweet Indian Spice was my least favourite. 
I think it is a very authentic Indian spice flavour but in general for me
its not to my taste. 

The Sweet Cinnamon flavour is lovely but if you eat a huge huge quantity in one go
it can be rather sickly. 

The 90g sharing bag is sold in most supermarkets and retails at £1.59

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