A Pink Or Blue Surprise

Back in April I found out a lovely surprise; Stuart and I are expecting our first child! 
I had been feeling a little poorly for a few days so I did a test one morning revealing our little

Today was our dating scan but baby decided that he/she wasn't going to play ball and was a little wiggle bum.
The sonographer was able to get some measurements but was unable to be that accurate, so we are going
back next week when baby should be a little bigger as well as they were quite deep in my tummy. 
So next Tuesday we are hoping to have a more clearer photo than the one we have at the moment. 
Our expected due to date at the moment is 19th December.

The sonographer was able to see that babies heartbeat was strong and from what she could see the baby seems to be perfectly healthy. 

I had been nervous about the scan as I was worried about baby, it was such a magical moment seeing them on the screen and I'll admit when I first saw them and knew they were ok I shed a couple of tears. 

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