Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow

Back in April when I found out I am expecting I knew one maternity item I had to get! 
A maternity pillow was a must have in my eyes for keeping comfy in bed once I get an ever growing bump. 

I have been trying out the Theraline Orginal Maternity and Nursing Pillow for a few weeks now.
Theraline is a leading UK manufacturer of pregnancy/breastfeeding support pillows & accessories for you & your baby.

Although I am only 13 weeks pregnant I have been using the pillow for propping me up when I am reading 
in bed and its really comfortable. 
I have tried out a couple of other positions to test it out and its really comfy so am looking
forward to getting more use out of it once my bump forms and I start struggling to get comfy in bed.

The pillow is filled with tiny sand like micro-beads that adapt perfectly with your body, providing support and
relief. The pillow which retails at £44.95 has many multi-functional uses and is great for relaxing, reading and watching tv. 

Features of the Theraline maternity pillow:

- Innovative, flexible and stable filling

-Feels like sand, yet is as light as a feather

- Comfortable support in any position

- Multi-functional

- Size: 190 x 40cm

-Extra-thick, colour-fast covers that are 100% cotton jersey

 - All materials meet the criteria of the otex Standard 100 and are free of harmful substances

-Antiallergenic, warm, breathable and can be washed at 60°C

when you were pregnant did you use a maternity pillow? 

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