20 Week Scan

As I am currently sat here typing this up our little wiggle bum is being extra wiggly this morning. 
Yesterday was our 20 week scan which was really exciting time for us. But also sad
as it's most possibly the last scan we will have in this pregnancy.
Next time we will see our little one is when they are in our arms. 

Our appointment was at 2:30pm yesterday afternoon, we had decided in advance not find out
little ones gender. 
Once the scan had begun the Sonographer told us that baby wasn't really in the best position 
for getting the measurements we needed but we would try anyway.

We were told that baby has a very strong heartbeat and got to see close ups of their head, spine and feet which 
were kicking away. I had to go and empty my bladder in hope that they would move into a better position which 
they did so that they could do the rest of the checks that they needed to do. 

At one point during the scan baby decided to start moving loads which the Sonographer told 
us that baby is being a "show off" you could see babies little arms and legs really going for it. 

We were told that our little one is perfectly healthy and is at the right size for the due date given. 
All of the checks have come back normal which is such a relief. 

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