The Bubba Haul #1

As we are moving next month, we've not really brought to much for our baby yet.
Last thing we wanted was to have more things to pack! So once we are settled in 
our new place we will start buying more bits and bobs for our little one. 
We have however got a few bits which I wanted to share with you.

First of all white 0-3 months pack of 3 sleep suits from Asda you may have read my review.
They arrived when hubby was at work and I couldn't wait to show him them, which of course turned him to goo.

Then we have the Bright Starts Safari Gym which I also was sent from Asda. 
It's bright and colorful and am sure our little one is going to love it!

Moving on these are items that I got myself: 

- My First Tatty Teddy 
I won an unwanted prize last year so I swapped with another comper.
Although I didn't need it at the time,
 I love Tatty Teddy so couldn't resist.

- Giraffe Hooded Towel 
I brought this at work back in June, it was the last in stock and I love giraffes
so I just had to nab it. 

- Thermometer Set
I used my amazon gift voucher from my birthday recently to buy 
the thermometer set. 
The set has a room, bath and head temperature thermometer.

I also am awaiting some muslin cloths which I also brought with my voucher to arrive.

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