23 Weeks Pregnant

So another week has gone by and we finally moved into our new place. 
We are almost settled in we still have plenty to unpack but its all bits that need to 
go in our wardrobe/chest of drawers which Stuart is yet to put up. 

We are going away from Friday up until Wednesday to New Forest so my 
pregnancy update may be a bit late next week. 

How far along? 
23 weeks today 
Total weight gain
Not a clue not had a chance to weigh myself
 I've been feeling very tired (not just down to moving), also noticed
that I have started to get pink stretch marks on my belly. 
This morning I was sick again and couldn't keep my breakfast down :( 
Maternity clothes?
 Nothing new
 As I have been so tired i have slept more better this week 
Miss anything? 
Food cravings
Not really any cravings but I have been eating an awful lot of chocolate whoops
Anything making you queasy or sick:
  As I said above this morning I was sick again and couldn't stomach my cereal. 
Not too sure what caused it though. 
Happy or moody most of the time: Both 
Looking forward to:
 - Holiday 
- buying baby bits

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