Sea-Band Mama

Many expectant mothers suffer from morning sickness. 
For me I mainly suffered from nausea and had sickness only a few times a week up until approx week 14
 of my pregnancy. 

Although I have had the occasional bout of nausea if i get too hungry.
 Which I learnt to curb after a while by eating regularly

I have heard though that some mum's to be start getting  morning sickness again when they hit
the third trimester. 

I am entering my third trimester in just over six weeks time which is a little scary considering how 
quick this pregnancy is flying by.

I wish I had tried Sea-Band Mama in my first trimester.
 However I am going away on holiday soon and knowing that the heat plus travel
is probably going to affect me, I am going to put this in my handbag just in case

Sea-Band Mama is a drug free morning sickness relief.
Scientific studies have shown that one of the most effective drug free treatments
is acupressure on the P6 point between the two central tendons near the wrist. 

The plastic studs on the Sea-bands applies continuous pressure to each wrist preventing
or relieving the feel of nausea. 

Have you ever used Sea-band mama to help with morning sickness? If so did they work for you?

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