Walkers Do Us A Flavour

At the beginning of the year Walkers launched the Do Us A Flavour campaign. 
After the last time they did this campaign with flavours such as the likes of Cajun Squirrel
and winner Builders Breakfast it was a success.

This year there were a staggering 1.2m entries and now the six finalists have been announced. 
The 6 New Flavors to vote for are out: 
- Ranch Raccoon
- Hot Dog and Tomato Ketchup 
Cheesy Beans on Toast
- Pulled Pork with Sticky BBQ Sauce
- Chip Shop Chicken Curry 
- Sizzling Steak Fajita 

The judges were David Walliams and Marco Pierre White. 

So  I decided which were my favourites and in order of preference they are: 
1. Hot Dog with Tomato Ketchup
2. Chip Shop Chicken Curry
3. Pulled Pork in a Sticky BBQ Sauce
4. Cheesy Beans on Toast
5. Ranch Raccoon
6. Sizzling Steak Fajita 

Hot Dog with Tomato Ketchup
Me and the hubby both agreed that Hot Dog with Tomato Ketchup was our favorite. 
My reason being it brings back the fun of childhood and eating hot dogs on a lovely
summers day at the fair. The taste for us was spot on!

Chip Shop Chicken Curry
This was full of flavour and was really enjoyable.
We love chicken curry and this was a perfect flavor so definitely deserves the 2nd place spot.

Pulled Pork in a Sticky BBQ Sauce 
This was soooo good! I love Pulled Pork at the moment and we are a huge fan of bbq sauce so it
is a perfect combination.  

Cheesy Beans on Toast
I love cheesy beans on toast and cheesy beans on
toast flavoured crisp's are yummy. 
I think there are going to be a fair few children and parents alike who will love this flavour. 

Ranch Raccoon
A flavour that although sounds strange is rather lovely. 
If you love ranch dip then you will like ranch raccoon as it tastes like that 
but with a meaty aftertaste that is rather quite nice.

Sizzling Steak Fajita
I am a huge fan of fajitas but was hugely disappointed in this flavour. 
The meaty taste was quiet strong and for me was slightly like raw meat
with a only a hint of fajita flavouring which made it quiet bland.  

Have you tried the Do Us A Flavour crisps yet? 

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