27 weeks Pregnant

This week was a bit busy we went shopping more baby bits over the weekend ( haul will be up tomorrow). 
I had an appointment with my dentist on the Monday morning where I was told my teeth
are fine but as I am still grinding my teeth in my sleep I still need a mouth guard which 
I will now be able to get free on the NHS.
Next Thursday is going to be rather busy as I have 3 appointments
2 at my GP surgery and then one at the hospital to see the consultant. 

Yesterday I had to collect a hard copy of blood results ready for the consultant next
week, they also printed off results from my GTT test which has come back normal 
with no signs of Gestational diabetes.

How far along? 
27 weeks +1 
Total weight gain
I weighed myself yesterday my total gain 20lbs 
so am still luckily within the recommended area for weight gain which is 28lbs
Tiredness as usual, back ache, have noticed this week that I seem to be sweating alot more and I still getting heartburn from time to time. 
 Waking in the night for loo trips as usual not had leg cramps at all this week
Miss anything? 
 Not particularly 
Food cravings
Nothing particular this week
Anything making you queasy or sick:
  Nope all good *touch wood*
Happy or moody most of the time: Tearful but happy
Best Moment this week: Shopping for more baby bits in Milton Keynes 

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