28 Weeks Pregnancy Appointments

So today I had a few 28 week pregnancy appointments first of all this morning I had to have
 a whooping cough jab followed by my 28 week midwife appointment. 
This afternoon I had an appointment with the consultant at the hospital. 

The whooping cough jab is given to women who are 28-32 weeks pregnant as this maximises 
the chances of your baby being protected from birth through transfer of antibodies before he/she is born. 

My midwife appointment went well blood pressure etc was normal.
Baby is measuring precisely 28 weeks and still has got a good strong heartbeat.
This time they were in breech position although they not worried about it at this stage. 

She double checked that I had managed to sort out antenatal classes for November
which I have and also took my 28 week bloods. 

I have also now booked for a flu jab for just over a weeks time.

My consultant appointment was really quick I was told that even though my GTT results have come back 
as normal I am to continue using the glucose monitoring system twice a week and if my results go above 7.8 
to contact them. 

They also listened to baby's heartbeat which was lovely to hear for the second time today. 
I have always wanted a water birth so decided to ask my consultant if it was going to be possible 
since I am "high risk" which I have found out I wont be able to have. 
This is due to having to have a consultant led birth for medical reasons.
From what I have read though it does mean I wont have many birth options.

Have you had a consultant led birth? If so I'd love to know how you got on. 

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