30 Weeks Pregnant

This week we managed to get a few things done once getting rid of this cold. 
We managed to get a few baby items second hand in fab condition and fab prices. 
We also had a lovely roast dinner with my mother in law and her husband before they 
went away on holiday for a few weeks.
I also won my first comp in quiet a while the swivel sweeper max.

How far along? 30 weeks today
Total weight gain: I've managed to gain 5lb this week yikes which brings my total gain to
Symptoms:  Tiredness, heartburn, tender breasts, needing to pee like all the time.
Sleep: Still sleeping well atm apart from waking for loo trips and trying to get comfy.
Best moment this week: Getting more baby bits
Movement: Baby is having days where they move loads and days where they are quiet but
are still doing the recommended amount of kicks in a day. 
Food cravings: Still honey like last week 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy :D
Looking forward to: 
- Stuart taking time off work to help sort out baby's room in 2 weeks time
- buying the last bits we need for baby and my hospital bag

Things we got for baby this week: 
- Travel cot for using over at my mum's got a second hand Hauk one for £10 
- Baby bath got a basic John Lewis one second hand for £2 its a fab size so will
fit well on the moses basket stand that we have borrowed.
- x4 sleepsuits for £1.49 plus postage from ebay. 
- x30 washable wipes 

Things still to buy: 
- Cot which will be ordered end of the month 
- Cot mattress which we are ordering this week 
- sheets for cot 
- waterproof mattress topper for moses basket, cot and our bed
- Furniture for baby's room
- Button up pjs for me 
- Nighty for when I go into labor
- Light weight dark colored dressing gown for me 
 - other little bits for hospital bag

I think thats it i plan to have everything sorted during the week stuart is off work. 

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