31 Weeks Pregnant

My mum came over with my sister at the weekend to spend a bit of time together.
We also had a fish and chippy dinner with Stuart's Dad and Sister which was lovely.
Sunday was a very relaxed day for us we went for a little walk but that was really about it. 
The rest of the week has just been the normal routine of housework etc. 

How far along? 31 weeks today
Total weight gain: I've decided to stop weighing myself every week though I am over the two stone mark now. 
Symptoms: This week I have been aching all over I have also had heartburn.
Sleep: Sleep is not very good atm. I have trouble getting comfy and my pregnancy pillow 
doesn't seem to help combine that with loo trips and vivid dreams which on one occasion was a nightmare I am not getting much sleep atm. 
Movement: After I had a bath sunday evening baby has been moving loads ever since.
Food cravings: Nothing in particular this week
Happy or moody most of the time: both
Looking forward to: 
- Getting this flu jab over with at the weekend
- Meeting my health visitor on Monday 
- My 32 week appointments 
- Stuart's week off work to get babies room all sorted.

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