September Degustabox

A little over a week ago I had a rather exciting parcel arrive - my first Degustabox! 
I am a total foodie so the idea of a monthly food surprise subscription box is right up my street. 
Every month they select and send out an exciting range of new and limited edition products from
a range of fab foodie brands.

As you can see below the September Degustabox has a wide range of products, 
from breakfast items to chocolaty treats. 

In the box we have a choice of two fab drinks from Crabbie's. 
Subscribers of Degustabox will be sent one of the two drinks featured
in the box the alcohol version or the Lemonade with a hint of Ginger non alcoholic version. 

As I am pregnant hubby tried out the zesty lemon Crabbie's Alcoholic Fruits, whilst 
I enjoyed the Lemonade with hint of ginger non Alcohol version.  
Stuart found the Lemon alcoholic fruits very refreshing and really enjoyed it as 
a Friday night treat. I loved the lemonade with a hint of ginger non alcoholic option
it was refreshing with just the right amount of ginger. 

Crabbies Alcoholic fruits 4 pack (£5.99)
Crabbies non alcohol option 330ml bottle (£1.20)

The next lot of drinks we tried was the Little Miracles blend of organic tea and juice
with gingseng and acai it is a perfect pick me up morning, noon and night. 
Little Miracles come in three blends: 
- Lemongrass tea and gingseng
- Black tea and peach
- Green tea and pomegranate
- white tea and cherry 

each of the blends are sweetened with agave, are less than 90 calories and
are free from artificial flavors, coloring's and sweeteners. 

The Degustabox contains the Green tea and pomegranate as well as the
 Lemongrass tea and gingseng blends.

£1.59 per bottle 

Onto the breakfast items the box contains La Vieja fabrica 
marmalade which was pleasant but not really my cup of tea since
I don't normally use marmalade but hubby has been enjoy
this on his toast at breakfast and has been really enjoying it.

Jordans Simply Granola is a yummy and filling blend of crunchy baked oats with a hint of honey. 
I have so far tried this with milk but am looking forward to trying it with some greek 
yoghurt and bananas for a yummy breakfast treat. 
The great thing about this granola is that you can add whatever you want 
to it to make a yummy and crunchy treat. 


The box also contains x3 flavors of salad dressings: 
- Mild english blue cheese and cider dressing
- Raspberry and sweet basil dressing
- Lemon and Mustard seed dressing. 

I am not a fan of salad but I am sure I'll find something to use these with. 

£2.49 each for  225ml bottles

Carnation cook with it is a versatile cooking creme to add a delicious creamy taste to savory dishes.
I'm going to use this to make a delicious spaghetti carbonara. 
 It can also be added to curries, quiches and soups so am thinking of giving
one of them a go too. 

£1.65 for one 

Burts Lentil Waves are a great healthy snack to add to your lunch box. 
available in three yummy flavors: 
Thai Sweet Chilli, Lightly Salted and Sour Cream and Chive. 
I really enjoyed these as a lighter way to enjoy crisps as they are only
99 calories a pack. 

69p a pack

Onto some yummy chocolate now is Elizabeth Shaw's brand of new
dark chocolate mint thins. 
These are seriously yummy bringing you delicate layers of quality 
dark chocolate with mint that is decorated with crunchy mint sprinkles. 
Perfect for sharing over a coffee with friends or your partner. 


Last of all is my favourite item from the box Pick Up! 
Milk chocolate is a slab of mouthwatering thick chocolate sandwhiched between two crip biscuits. 
The new flavour Black N White consists of a thick bar of white chocolate between two cocoa biscuits. 
They are individually wrapped and perfect for on the go. 

5 pack £1.69 

For my lovely readers here is a code that will give you £3 off when registering 
with Degustabox.
 The code is : 4784619

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