34 Weeks Pregnant

Today we had our first antenatal class which was interesting. 
I am feeling a little more better about labor now and what to expect. 
There was a lady sitting next to me and Stuart with her partner whilst we watched
a DVD about pain relief they disappeared halfway through and then we were told she
had left as her waters had broken at 37 weeks.
This has made me realize that next week I need to get my skates on and pack 
my hospital bag just in case. 

How far along? 34  weeks  today
Total weight gain: Not checked this week  
Symptoms: Tiredness, achy, breathless when out and about, very clumsy 
Sleep: still struggling with getting comfy and waking up for loo trips followed by baby kicking me awake 
Miss anything? sleeping through the night.
Movement: still loads of kicks and wiggles
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy 
Looking forward to:
 - sorting out babies room this week finally
- Going to the next antenatal class hopefully
no one will go into labor this time!

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