35 Weeks Pregnant

This week we have managed to get quiet a bit done. 
Stuart has a week off atm so we have managed to go to Ikea and 
get a wardrobe and chest of drawers ready for baby's room. 
The cot also arrived yesterday which will need to be put together. 
Oh and the travel system has arrived over at my mum's and we will be testing it all out at the weekend. 
On top of that I have started packing baby's part of my hospital bag and am planning to make sure that the rest is done by next week fingers crossed. 
Today was also our second and last antenatal class which wasn't as eventful as last week
but still we learnt a bit. 
How far along? 35 weeks today
Symptoms: This week has been the usual symptoms but today I have had braxton hicks a lot more frequent. 
Sleep: Sleep is ok again for the moment still getting up in the night.  
Movement: Loads of wiggles and kicks as usual
Food cravings: Nothing in particular this week
Happy or moody most of the time: both
Looking forward to: 
- The cot being put together
- Seeing and playing with the travel system 
- getting the hospital bag all sorted 

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