36 Weeks Pregnant

This week I have a cold yet again which sucks. 
We have played around with baby's travel system and sort of know how it works,
but the main thing is we know how to fit the car seat.
We also took over a ton of baby washing  to my mum's who will
be bringing it back over at some point to put all away.
I have also got around to packing mine and baby's hospital bags which are
almost done. 

How far along? 36 weeks today 
Symptoms:  Tiredness, still breathlessness when out and about, braxton hicks are still painful and frequent,  my feet and ankles have also swollen up now.  
Sleep: been waking up even more this week than usual
nights I wake up at 3am and then 6am. I also have to nap a lot more.
Best moment this week: Baby's cot and furniture all being built up it looks fab :)
Miss anything? Feeling comfortable
Movement: Loads of wiggles and kicks are still going strong 
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody well so my hubby tells me but i guess I have been quiet a bit this week
Looking forward to: 
- Being classed as full term next Wednesday 
- Having a relaxing pj day at some point this week
- putting the rest of baby's clothing away 

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