Heat-Holders Neckwarmer

When it comes to keeping warm when out and about this winter one item I love
is this neck warmer from Heat-Holders.
I am huge fan of Heat-Holders and own a few of their products to keep me toasty warm.
As you would have seen earlier in the week I was recently sent their new thermal snuggle blanket.
 I was also sent their new neck warmer as well and now both items I feel are essential for the cold winter months.

Heat-Holders do neck warmers for both men in Black or Charcoal and for women in black or purple. 
The neck warmer is made from a specially developed thermal yarn that provides high performance insulation 
against the cold with moisture breathing abilities. 
The heat weaver lining is a plush fur like thermal lining that maximizes the amount of warm air held close to your skin. 

The Heat-Holders Neck Warmer is a versatile and effective alternative to a scarf. 
The ladies sculptured fit drops low to contour around the chest, neck and chin to keep out cold drafts for extra warmth and protection. 

Will you be buying one this winter?

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