Mum Kind

I was recently sent some items from Mum Kind. 
Mum Kind sell a range of products suitable for Mum to be's. 

Even though I am in the third trimester I have found the items to be useful.
The three products I was sent are: 
- Mum Kind Water Our Way Mixed Berry Water Enhancer 
- Mum Kind Ginger Me Baby Soothing Ginger and Chamomile Lozenges
- Mum Kind Bump to Baby Enhanced Bars

The Mixed Berry Water Enhancer with vitamin B 
helps reduce tiredness and fatigue in pregnancy along with 
regulating hormonal activity. 
The bottle is portable and convenient and makes 10 drinks. 
I loved the berry taste it's not too over powering either. 

The Ginger Me Baby Soothing Ginger and Calamine lozenges
contain no artificial colors or flavors and help mums to be morning, noon or night.
They are individually wrapped with no tell tail branding. 
I love these as even though I am in the third trimester I still occasionally wake up
feeling nausea due to needing to eat so I'll have one of these while my porridge is heating up in the microwave. 
I think these would work wonders for women with morning sickness and could have done with
these during my first trimester. 

The Bump to Baby enhanced bars are lower in fat, sugar and salt than other treats.
I love the yummy chocolate flavor and these were gone pretty quick. 

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