What's In My Hospital Bag

With my due date getting closer and closer I have decided to share with you what I have packed in my hospital bag. 

I have had my hospital bag packed since I was 36 weeks, since this was recommended 
to me by a few people including my midwife. 
I looked through a lot of blogs and helpful lists that I have found to make sure I have everything I feel we will need. 

For Mummy

Here is what I have packed for myself, I chose to use a small suitcase as originally my items were taking up two
bags so I thought it would be much better as a small suitcase has more room plus it's on wheels. 

From top left: 
1. Breast pads and nipple cream 
I have packed some Nuby Breast Pads and a tube of Boots nipple cream

2. 1 x  Nighty from Peacocks and x1 old top both are for labor I'll see which 
I feel more comfy in. 

3. x2 nursing bras from M&S 

4. cheap comfy slippers from Primark 

5. Pj's my mum brought me a set of Amazon which is a breastfeeding vest, mini dressing gown to keep warm and under the bump pj bottoms. 

6. Lightweight dressing gown which is longer than the one that came in the pj set just
 in case

7. Towel and flannel was told its best to pack them 

8. Going home outfit
I have packed some comfy leggings and a nursing top but also a loose fitting top as a spare 

9. Socks I have packed a thick pair for when I am in labor as well as x2 pairs of my normal socks

10. Knickers

11. Ok so the nappies are obviously for baby but i couldn't fit them in the bag I am 
using. I have chosen Aldi size one nappies. 

12.  Maternity Pads

13. Make up bag which fits : 
-  hair bands
- hair brush 
- cleansing wipes
- foundation
- mascara
- lip balm 
- toothbrush and toothpaste
- hand gel 
and my little bag of shampoo, shower gel and moisturizer. 

14. Deodorant 

15. Charger

16. Baby record book (health visitor told me I need to pack this) 

17. Go ahead bars and Isotonic drinks 

For Baby 

I am using my bag from Pink Lining for putting baby's little bits and bobs in and am
surprised how much I could fit in there. 

1. Hat and mittens
2. x4 vests: x2 in newborn and x2 in 0-3 months 
3. Cotton wool pads and wipes 
4. Blanket 
5. snowsuit 
6. x4 sleep suits: x2 in newborn and x2 in 0-3 months

7. x2 bibs 

8. x2 Dummies. 

Things to grab:
- Medication 
- Maternity Notes
- Camera 
- Spare clothes for Stuart 
and my mum will be bringing the car seat as she is also being my labor companion. 

Hopefully we  have got everything that is needed. 

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