Blake 12 weeks old

Over the last two weeks Blake has still been sleeping well for approx 8/9 hours at night and
then for a few hours here and there throughout the day.
He is not taking as long to settle at night although he still does try and fight it from time to time. 

He is still drinking his milk well of 180ml every 3/4 hours and is gaining weight how he should be. 
I got him weighed last week and he now weighs 11lb 7oz which is ideal on the graph. 
We are still using disposable nappies til his legs start to get more chunky. 

We went to our first mum and baby group last week at the local community centre for story and rhymes which Blake loved and he got his first sticker for being a very good boy. 
I need to start going to more of these groups so that he will be around other babies and children. 

We also went to the library and got Blake registered there so he now has his own library card and we
have taken out a few books to read to him. 

He is getting much stronger and now can lift his head up more when having tummy time on his mat which he is starting to get use to. 

Today we tried out our baby carrier as I feel we need to start doing baby wearing as he is very clingy baby at the moment and wants to be held all the time when he is awake. 

Last of all he is now moving onto size 3-6 months for vests and sleep suits as 0-3 months no longer fit him anymore as his feet are right near the bottom. 
He is still able to wear his tops and trousers in 0-3 months for a little longer and he also has some of his socks 
being too small so need to start using some of the bigger ones we have for him. 

This week will be my first Mothers Day which I am looking forward to. 
I am going to start changing my updates on Blake to monthly updates so his next update will be on or around the 16th April when Blake will be 4 months old which is pretty scary since how time is already flying by. 

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