Milton Sterilising and hygiene products

As a Mum I know the importance of sterilising your baby's bottles,teats, lids, dummies, toys etc.
After all during your baby's first year of life he/she is at their most vulnerable to illnesses.

When it comes to Blake's bottles, teats, lids and dummies I use a microwave steriliser for me this is the most easiest and quickest form of sterilising.  

I also make sure that I clean his changing mat regularly and this is when Milton antibacterial surface wipes come in handy. I also use them to clean most surfaces that I know he will be in close contact with. 
The wipes are extremely handy when out and about and I keep a pack in my changing bag. 
They are ideal for use on highchairs, toys, changing mats,potty, baby bath, kitchen work tops, door handles and public facilities such as restaurants, telephones and toilets.

When Blake was first born we stayed in hospital for 3 days due to me having a c-section whilst there
due to struggling with breastfeeding I began mixed feeding him. 

The hospital let us use a small cup to feed Blake rather than a bottle and they gave us a sterilising unit 
for cold water sterilising his little cup.

Milton sterilising tablets are ideal for cold water sterilising all you have to do is wash bottles, teats, lids, dummies etc like you would do with any method of sterilising.
Then fill the sterilising unit with 5l of cold tap water adding one Milton tablet. 
Close the lid and in 15 minutes everything is ready to use. 
There is no need to rinse and items can stay in the solution until needed for up to 24 hours. 

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