Updating our bathroom decor ideas

Recently I have been thinking of changing the decor in our bathroom and adding a more shabby chic look to it. 
To do this I am thinking of buying a few new accessories. 

I am thinking of some wicker baskets to keep my make up, skincare and bath bits in 
as its getting rather cluttered. 
 I love wicker baskets and plan to get some for Blake's bedroom too. 
I think this 4 drawer tower is fab idea if it will fit. 

I also want to get a pedestal mirror so that its easier for me to do my make up, as 
the one we have at the moment keeps falling off the side when we have the window open. 

I think a new bath mat is a good idea at the moment we have a white one which is rather boring considering 
all of our bathroom is white so it be nice to brighten it up a bit. 
I think one in a pale blue would be lovely. 

Artificial flowers are another idea I like the sound of to have on the window sill. 

I am also thinking of a trinket style box like this one to put some bits in.

 Last of all this glass bottle which I could fill with colorful sand or maybe my favorite shower gel. 

One of things that I do love about our bathroom is that we have LED spotlights.
We also have LED spotlights in our kitchen as well. 
In our previous homes we never had spotlights in any of our rooms so its rather nice to have 
them both in our bathroom and kitchen. 

If your thinking of making a big change to your bathroom and are able to change things such as the lights 
I'd recommend spotlights in your bathroom and also if you are able to I love the idea of having waterproof strip lights in there. I think the striplights would look fab on when you have your main lights out and when your laying back in the bath with your candles lit and having a relaxing pamper session.

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