Our plans on weaning Blake

Tomorrow Blake will be 5 months old and Stuart and I after discussing and reading books and articles online
have decided to attempt to start weaning Blake. 

Nothing is set in stone yet as we don't want to force Blake so the plan at the moment is to try him on baby rice over the weekend. 

Our  plan at current is to start with the Cow and Gate 5 step weaning plan. 
Which is as follows: 
1. First spoonfuls 
This is about getting the hang of eating and swallowing from a spoon.
We will be starting him off with baby rice and then moving onto pureed vegetables mixed with formula. 

2. Introducing breakfast 
This will be establishing a regular breakfast routine with cereals

3. offering variety 
this will be adding new single fruit and vegetable tastes to Blake's diet

4. Meat, fish and alternatives 
This is basically as it says introducing meat and fish into Blake's diet 

5. establishing 3 meals a day
basically putting the last four steps together 3 times a day. 

Once we have got Blake happy with that plan we are hoping to change the tastes and textures
and introduce a bit of baby led weaning. 

So for example I would mash chicken, potato and gravy down for dinner but let him eat carrot or broccoli that I have softened with his hands. 

This of course just a plan at the moment as we don't know how Blake will take to it. 

We decided to do purees to begin with rather than baby led weaning as we are worried about choking 
but also since I have worked in a nursery feeding babies with purees that is what I am use to. 

I think that the way you wean your baby is totally up to you. 
I know that a few people aren't going to agree with the way we are doing things but we 
are doing what we feel comfortable with but also thinking of Blake in the long run. 

After all there are plenty of pros and cons surrounding the traditional purees route but their is also the same
said for baby led weaning. 

Are you going to be weaning soon? or have how did you wean your little one?
Did you do purees or baby led weaning. 

I'd love to know your thoughts comment below. 

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