Planning Blake's Christening

I've mentioned once before that we are getting Blake christened at the end of July. 
July the 26th is the date we have chosen as the day after would have been my Dad's 65th birthday.
We chose that date as we felt it would make the occasion even more special for Blake who's middle name Philip is after him. 

Now that it's nearly a month away I need to get my bum in gear and start planning properly. 

1. The Venue 

We are having the service at All Saints Church Leighton Buzzard. 
The church is where me and Stuart got married but also where Stuart and his older brother and younger sister 
all got christened. 
So it makes it extra special for it to be held there. 

For the after party it was quiet tricky to decide where to hold it. 
We chose not to hire out a hall as we thought it would be too much hard work and be easy to
hold it in function room at a local village pub. 

We  have chose the Axe and Compass in Heath and Reach. 
It's not too far to drive to get to there so it's ideal really. 
We will be hiring the little function room which is ideal in size for the amount of people we are inviting.

I have the idea of a pale blue and white color scheme.
We will be providing the decorations so that is something that I need to look more into. 
I am thinking of having a few hanging decorations and buntings in the color scheme dotted around as well as a few balloons here and there etc. 

2. Outfits
We have yet to sort out either of our outfits. 
I know I want Blake in a little suit with some cute little shoes, socks with a cross on and
also get him a special christening day bib. 

I am thinking of trying to find a pale blue dress for myself so that it goes with the color scheme, 
But not too sure on the style at the moment. 

3. Food 
For food the Axe and Compass are putting on a little buffet for us with a few hot and cold bits and sandwiches.

4. Cake
We have the cake theme sorted which will be two tires one which will be sponge cake and the other
will be chocolate. 
My cousin is making the cake like she did with our wedding one. 

Are you getting your little one christened? 
If so I'd love to know your plans
comment below. 

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