Nourkrin One Month On

Back in June I told you about my Hair Issues and that I am going to try a hair loss treatment for 
three months called Nourkrin. 
I have been pretty busy recently and need to have a better schedule for finding time for blogging.
So unfortunately this post is up a bit later than planned since it's nearly coming up to two months of using Nourkrin. 
However the photo's were taken back near the beginning of July. 

The first photo is of the back of my hair in June before I started taking Nourkrin. 
The second photo is after taking Nourkrin for a month, the back of my hair has always looked more thicker than the front of my hair. 
But I can see a little difference from the two photo's. 
Before: June 2015
1 Month on: July 2015

In the first photo of my hair from the front prior to taking Nourkrin my hair was very wispy and would break off very easily, it is also looks flat and was hard to manage. 

In the second photo after using Nourkrin for a month my hair looks and feels thicker and isn't as wipsy at the ends like it has been previously. I have also found my hair more easy to manage on a daily basis. 

Before: June 2015

1 Month on: July 2015

Overall so far I am pleased with the results that I am experiencing by using Nourkrin.
I take one tablet three times a day and am hoping by the time the three months of using Nourkrin is up that 
the results have continued to be positive. 

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