Christmas Gift Guide 2015: For Him

For the first of my Christmas 2015 Gift Guide's I've chosen to start for him. 
Men are so hard to buy for from Husbands, Boyfriends, Dad's, Brothers it's
hard to find what to get the man in your life especially if they don't drop many hints. 
So I have put together some items that I think the man in your life will love. 

UKick, which is best described as a fusion of badminton and street football is a fresh, modern update to the traditional game of jianzi, the aim is simple: keep UKick off the ground with either your hands or feet.
Hailed for its wide appeal, the user can adjust UKick’s weighted pro discs to suit their skill level. 

David Robinson creator of Ukick was on Dragons Den but didn't get the financial backing from the Dragons. 
However Ukick is now being launched in shops such as Hamleys, Menkind, Smyths, RED5, Hawkins Bazaar and on QVC for £8.  It has also been topped to sell out this Christmas. 

Bladez Water Blaster*

The Bladez wate blaster is the first indoor RC gameplay helicopter that blasts real water during flight! 
 The Bladez Water Blaster can hover and fly by with precision control powered by its onboard Gyro technology.
This mini helicopter charges within 45 mins and features Fast Forward (speed booster), LED Lights and Demo Mode. It also has a 8 meter range and can fly faster with a click of a button on the hand set.

Available from Aldi £22.99

Airfix Cromwell MkIV Tank Starter Set 1:76*

Airfix Starter Sets are ideal for beginners.  Each Small Starter Set includes glue, brush and four acrylic paints - all that is needed to complete a fabulous first kit!
The Cromwell, officially named Cruiser Tank MkVIII, was one of the most successful British tanks of the Second World War.  Named after the English Civil War leader, Oliver Cromwell, the tank proved to be an adept and rugged fighting machine and served until the end of the War. 

Available from Aldi 


Pyjamas are always a good gift and not just for men. 
During the cold weather a lovely pair of warm pyjamas are ideal and of course there is nothing
like wearing new pyjamas to bed after a fab Christmas day. 

From Aldi 

Oven Glove X-ray*

If you are lucky enough to have a man in your life that loves cooking.
Then this oven glove X-ray is fab gift and a great addition to your kitchen. 
Featuring a black design with the x-ray of a hand, the blend of cotton and polyester will ensure that their fingers remain blister-free! 

Available from Getting Personal £9.99 

Retro 3DS case 

I have brought this for Stuart as he got a 3DS back in September so is in need of a case to protect it. 
My husband is into very retro items so this case is ideal for him and other budding gamers.

£11.66 from Amazon 

Nivea Men Shave Set

I love the smell of Nivea on men and Stuart has used the post shave balm before. 
I think sets like this are an ideal gift as men will always need some kind of grooming product. 
Avaible in shops such as boots, superdrugs, supermarkets etc

Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal

Another present that I have purchased for Stuart. 
He is a lover of Sonic and there are so many games out there but 
I know he didn't have this one. 
I think games like this are ideal gifts as I know a lot of men spend a lot of times 
on their xbox etc. 

£25 Amazon 

I hope you like this gift guide and that it has helped you with some ideas of what to buy for the man in your life. 
You can take a look at last years gift guide here for more inspiration. 

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