Gift Guide: For Children (Non Toys)


Today I am sharing a collection of Non Toy gift Ideas.
I know that sometimes you don't want to get children toys as a gift, as other family members tend to buy them lots of toys. 
If like Blake and your children have a birthday so close to Christmas or even on Christmas day like one of my Nephews than this guide will be helpful. 

Crazy Soap Bath products*
Crazy soap sell a fun range of bath products for an exciting sensory experience. 
Body paints, foaming soaps, fizzy bath tints, bath goo and color changing bubble bath are
all fun ideas for making the most of bath time and having lots of fun. 
Blake loves the color changing bubble bath and is fascinated seeing the color of the one we were sent go from orange to green.
Blake has also loved playing with the other products and its lovely seeing him squeal with delight in the bath. 

Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew and comfortchew* 
Cheeky Chompers sell a range of fab products for babies. 
There are many designs and the one we were sent is called twinkle twinkle. 
The Neckerchews retails at £11.99 and the Comfortchew retails at £17.95.

Neckerchew is the world’s first chewable dribble bib for teething tots  that is stylish, reversible, absorbent and hygienic.
The twinkle twinkle neckerchew is  stylish  and reversible with light blue and navy stars,with a navy reverse. 
 suitable 2 months to 2 years. 

Comfortchew is an attachable teething comforter with baby’s four favorite essentials :comforter, teether, tags and the feel of their favorite teddy.

Slumbersac Simply Baby Sleeping Bag*
Slumbersac's simply range offers real quality as well as fantastic value for money! Made from soft 100% Jersey Cotton with a simple star print this cute design is a great alternative to blue or pink and suitable for boys and girls.

The sleeping bag is available in four sizes:
0-6 months
6-18 months 
12 months - 3 years
3-6 years. 

The sleeping bag comes in three different tog ratings:
0.5, 1.0 and 2.5 perfect for the changing seasons.
You can personalize your sleeping bags by adding name embroidery in the color of your choice! Simply select the name embroidery option when you check out and add the name and the color you require.


Storie Child is a brand that sell a range of gorgeous printed books. 
Storie child books are books that help you to capture memories of your little ones which you may have forgotten about. Such as photo's that you take on a day to day basis on your mobile for example.

I love this cute idea of keeping your memories in printed form rather than digital form. 
I think this would be a lovely gift to add to a memory box that your child can look
back on when they are older. 

Little Dandies*

Little Dandies is run by two sisters and all clothing is hand printed here in the UK.
I love how cute there designs are and what I also love is that you can have them personalised with your child's name as well. 

The dinosaur top that we received is of high quality and such a cute design. 
I know that Blake is going to gets lots of use wearing this. 

Posh Canvas*

Posh Canvas provide beautiful canvases for your home, whether it's a birthday, wedding or a new addition to the family, they have plenty of canvas designs for you to choose from.

I love this "twinkle, twinkle little star do you know how loved you are..." print as when 
I was pregnant with Blake it was one of nursery rhymes I would sing to him and he would kick like crazy. 
This is going up on the wall of his bedroom. 

For details on how I work with Brands have a look at my Work With Me Page

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  1. Love the idea of non- toy gifts. I am sure that Mum and Dad appreciates them as little ones usually get so much on the day. Fab ideas.

  2. My kids love crazy soap - i have bought them some for putting in with their christmas!


  3. I love getting non-toy gifts, I think my daughter loves it too, if you get all toys I think it can be somewhat overwhelming

  4. My girls much preferred books, dvds or crafting materials to toys so we didn't get overrun with too many fortunately. Lego was a fairly safe bet though ;) x

  5. Fantastic Idea here! Sylvua is getting a mixture of both toys and non toy items. I love the idea of a book/photo book and clothes. Angela

  6. The canvas idea is great! So chic

  7. I love the look of the slumbersacs and the canvas, I am struggling to think of things to buy for my son as he already has so many toys xx

  8. Love the Crazy Soap products in particular :) I remember as a child absolutely loving and being fascinated by the bubble bath who's name temporarily escapes me - the bottles were shaped like people, the tops changed colour in the water (I used to LOVE that!) and I have a feeling some of the bubble bath was "special" too...oh, Mr Matey! Just remembered :)

  9. Great idea, mine have so many toys already!

  10. the the sound of the crazy soap products, heard of them but still never tried them

  11. Some brilliant ideas, particularly like the Baby Sleeping Bag

  12. What great ideas! Love the crazy soap.

  13. Ahhh great ideas! Were big fans of the chomper bibs, Noah absolutely loves them now hes teething!!! xx

  14. Firstly, storie child sounds awesome!!! So unique and different, I'll be checking that out. And crazy soap is fantastic! We love it a lot. My children have so many toys, they really do not need any more, I love this gift guide a lot. Thanks for sharing! :) xx

  15. These are some lovely ideas. My daughter is a Christmas baby too and it can be quite tricky sometimes - so many presents!
    Great post,
    Anna x