Blake's Christmas Eve Basket

One of the many traditions for the festive season that we have decided to do with Blake, 
Is a Christmas eve basket. 

I love this tradition as it makes Christmas eve extra special. 
As Blake gets older I'll be able to add more things into the basket 
and some bits that are included will come out every year. 

So first up in the basket is a "Santa please stop here" sign which 
we got when visiting Santa with Blake in MK. 
We also have some special reindeer food which was also made
when going to see Santa with Blake in MK. 
I found a special Santa magic key on ebay for £1.95 I think it was 
or something like that which I thought was a fab price.
I also picked up a treats for Santa and Rudolph tray
so that we can put out Milk and a mince pie and a carrot before bed. 

I  ordered a copy of Mickey's Once Upon A Time from Amazon for us to watch
on Christmas Eve. 

The works have a fab selection of books and for the Christmas Eve basket we had to have 
"The Night Before Christmas" to read to him right before bed. 

Then we have this cute little snowman toy which he got from 
the Children's center Christmas party which I just thought was sweet to include. 

I picked out some reindeer antlers for £1.50 in a party shop. 
I am sure you'll most likely be able to find something similar from 
most pound shops. 

Last of all is a nice cosy pair of Pjs. 
These ones with a polar bear are fleece so will keep him lovely
toasty and warm when he goes to bed on Christmas Eve. 

I'm also going to include a small bar of Chocolate bar. 
So there you have it, Blake's first Christmas Eve basket. 

There are many more other items you could include too such as: 
- a craft or baking activity
- some Christmas socks or a bib
- Sticker books 
- snowman soup (hot chocolate with marshmallows)

I'd love to know your thoughts. 
Do you do this Christmas tradition? If so I'd love to know what
you include in your child/ren's basket or box. 

Comment below. 

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