How Becoming a Mum has changed Christmas

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Blake was only nine days old last Christmas but even so I have noticed how Christmas
changes when you have a child.

So here is How being a Mum has changed Christmas:

I have always been very good with planning ahead but
now I am a Mum I plan even more in advance than I use to. 
I also plan a lot more things such as activities and things to do with Blake. 

The Christmas Tree
When you have a Christmas tree when you have a child 
you have child proof it! 
We had to chuck out our old Christmas baubles which are made
of glass and swapped for plastic ones.
If you do have a special Christmas decoration made from glass or ceramic than its best to place it near the top of the tree. 
Also from next year I have a feeling a stair gate around the tree will be needed. 

Getting up earlier
Gone are the days of being able to lay in bed on Christmas morning with a cup 
of coffee, a selection box whilst opening presents at 9am. 
When you have a child you wake up when they wake up. 
Last Christmas we were up at 7am feeding Blake after not having
much sleep at all. 

Drinking Less
I'm not a big drinker anyway so when I do drink it
effects me more. I use to drink more at Christmas than anytime
of year. I don't feel the need to drink much or if at all now. 
This year I'll be seen drinking Dr Pepper or a J2O. 

Enjoying things more
Having a child makes Christmas more exciting and enjoy the whole Christmas 
spirit a lot more than you do when you don't have a child. 
I look forward to watching Christmas films, listen to Christmas music, decorating the tree
and other festive activities a lot more. 
Lets face it as parents we look forward to taking our child to Santa 
and probably enjoy it a lot more than they do. 
There is also nothing better than doing special Christmas traditions such as 
a Christmas eve basket for your child/ren as well. 

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