Photo's To Take At Christmas

Hi everyone, so today as it is one week til Christmas Eve I am sharing with you my ideas 
of photo's to take over the festive period. 

Now you may have seen my post on photo's to take of your child's
birthday, if not you can read it here

Now Christmas is my favorite time of year which is why I am going to try and
take as many photos as possible of things that we get up to etc. 

So like with the birthday list I chose to compile a list to share with you
what I plan to take photos of this festive season. 

1. Handmade Christmas decoration 
2. Light switch on 
3. Christmas decorations
4. Christmas tree
5. Christmas cards
6. Christmas baking
7. Christmas tree lit up 
8. Cup of hot chocolate
9. Costa Christmas cup 
10. Reading Christmas books
11. Visting Santa
12. Reindeer
13. Christmas crafts
14. Christmas eve basket 
15. advent 
16. Presents under the tree
17. Santa's Milk and Mince Pie
18. flat lay of Christmas Pjs
19. wearing Christmas Pjs
20. Santa sack 
21. Holiday movie 
22. Christmas jumper
23. Opening presents
24. Christmas breakfast
25. flat lay of Christmas day outfit
26. calendar 25th December 
27. All dressed up 
28. Christmas dinner
29. Playing with toys. 
30. with family members
31. fast asleep after a busy day. 

I hope this post has giving you some ideas/inspiration of photos you can take 
around Christmas/festive time. 

If you have some more ideas feel free to let me know by commenting below.

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