Stomach Bug, Christmas and general chit chat

Hiya, I hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas this year. 
I have taken a little break over the Christmas period admittedly 
a bit longer than I had first planned. 

On the evening of the 23rd I came down with an awful stomach bug which kept me up all night. I had my Mum and Sister over on Christmas Eve briefly to drop off gifts. 
But Christmas Eve for me was mainly spent in bed resting up whilst Stuart looked after Blake and finished off the Christmas food shop. 

Luckily Christmas Day I was feeling a bit better but unfortunately even now my appetite isn't fully back and my energy levels are pretty low too. 

Christmas this year was just the three of us together opening presents, relaxing and playing.
It went ever so quick and boxing day was just the same we spent a few hours over at my mother in laws opening more gifts and having a buffet lunch. 

So it's been a pretty relaxed Christmas. Stuart is back at work today until new years eve then off until the 4th. 

Now that Christmas is over I am looking forward to getting our home organised. 
Which means sorting out where Blake's toys will go and other bits and bobs. 
It also means I need to write up my new years goals.I am
also needing to sort out what classes to go to in the new year as
the children centre have lost some funding we need to find some new things
to do which I'll have to budget for. 

I'd love to know what you got up to this Christmas
comment below. 

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