Keeping Your Baby/Toddler Warm When Out and About

Recently here in the UK the weather has turned bitterly cold.
Although December was the wettest and warmest on record January
has felt so much more like winter. 
 Here in Bedfordshire we have had slight bit of snow
although I know some of you in different areas of the UK have had loads. 

So what can you do to make sure little ones are warm and snug in the cold weather? 

1. Layer up. 
When its really cold we make sure that Blake wears a long sleeve vest as well as a jumper on under his coat/snowsuit. 

2. Coat/Snowsuit 
Depending on how cold it is we put Blake in either a coat or a snowsuit.
Snowsuits are great as you can get ones that cover the feet for little babies and some
even come with mittens attached. 

3. Hats and Gloves
We always put Blake in a hat for extra warmth with his hood from his snowsuit/coat up. 
We do this even though he may pull it off for reassurance that he is warm. 

4. Cosytoes/Footmuff 

We recently decided to purchase a Cosytoes for Blake as we felt it would be ideal 
to have one with the cold weather looking to last longer. 
Blake like most babies and toddlers loves to keep taking his shoes and socks off!
By having a cosytoes if Blake manages to get his shoes and socks off at least our minds will be 
at rest knowing that the cosytoes will keep his little feet warm.
Most cosytoes have a fleece lining which makes it extra warm and cosy and 
you can find ones that go for your brand of travel system/buggy or you can purchase a universal one. 

Do you use a cosytoes/footmuff? 

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