Transition: Formula to cows milk

Hi everyone I wanted to share my experience today on how we got Blake to go from formula to cows milk. 
We were quite lucky and found the transition from formula to cows milk pretty simple with Blake. 
From four weeks old Blake was on Cow and Gate formula and then after he turned one last month he has 
been drinking whole cows milk. 

We started off by giving him cows milk mixed in with weetabix and then moved on to giving him
whole milk as his first feed of the day. As he only has 2 feeds a day he was having one bottle of cows milk in the morning and a bottle of formula in the evening before bed. 

He now drinks whole milk both in the morning and night as well as mixed in with meals such as cereal. 
 We have been lucky that he hasn't seemed to have noticed any difference or if he has he's not made a fuss. 
We still heat his milk as he has always been fussy with the temperature.

Our next step is to try and get him to drink his milk from a cup instead of a bottle I am hoping that he
will be fine with it as he tends to be really good drinking water from his cup. 

If your little one has started drinking cows milk how did you get on? 

Would you like to comment?

Fiona said...

It's amazing reading about all these weaning steps with babies again, I've totally forgotten about it all now that my son is almost 3. I was lucky that he weaned himself off his milk - he gave up his bottle at nine months and transitioned onto cows milk with no problem either.

Anosa said...

I do not have kids yet but I am told my nephew was simple too and he's three now and loves a good glass of milk

Ana De-Jesus said...

It can be difficult getting your child to transition particularly if they have reflux issues. My sister has special powder milk.

Ickle Pickle said...

Pickle is lactose intolerant so had specialist formula until he was almost twenty months. I then very very slowly weaned him onto Lactofree cow milk which he is still on, at 3. Kaz x

Zeit my Geist said...

gosh, this takes me back. My youngest of 4 children is 4 now, so milk days are over for me. But I remember only too well how tricky it can be to transition.
Great post, Anna x

Jade said...

Nearly 7 years ago but I can remember my daughter not weaning quite as easily. Infact it was difficult to even get her on to powdered milk! Luckily now she there is no issues with her and milk! :-) x

Michelle said...

We never made the jump from formula to milk as little J doesnt like normal milk at all. I have to give him dairy in other ways

KelilaJade said...

Oh that's great, I don't have kids yet but seeing how easy it was for you had made me worry less about it now. I am thinking way ahead tbh! Lol thanks for sharing X