How You Can Save Money By Stock-piling

People don’t always see the logic in buying more than you need to save money, but it can be a lifesaver. Whether you want to save for a holiday, a new car or just something fun for the family to enjoy, I’ve found that stocking-piling home supplies is the best way to save money. I’ve put together my own top three tips so that hopefully you can do the same…

1) Order online
I’ve found that looking online whenever I need to make a purchase is far more cost-effective than just picking it up in town one day. On an impulse buy, you’re committed to buying it at that one price no matter how expensive it is. If you shop online instead, you could save a lot more by looking around. 

I recently did a comparison article on a new buggy, and this kind of expensive item can often be purchased much cheaper from a place like Amazon than the brand website, as Amazon already drive down the prices for you. Similarly, stationary supplies and printer ink can be bought on special offer from many specialist retailers. We buy all our Canon ink from a website that has specific deals on those products. Before you rush into anything, ask yourself whether it would be better to price-check it online first.

2) Always shop around supermarkets
Since I started to think about the way I bought food, I noticed a huge difference in prices between supermarkets. They’re always at war with one another, but if you’re savvy with your spending, you can be the customer that reaps the rewards. Look at the products you buy regularly and compare the prices of supermarket own brands. 

Don’t be scared of them because they don’t have fancy packaging; they often do deals on these products so that you can stockpile whatever you use the most. You can find tonnes of tips on shaving money off your weekly shop here.

3) Buy presents and kids clothes way in advance
Stock-piling doesn’t just have to mean the mundane household supplies. Last Christmas was an eye opener in that I need to start stockpiling gifts a lot sooner, and thanks to the seemingly constant sales, it’s now possible. Why not pick up birthday presents in the January sales, or keep your eyes peeled for accessories to go with toys they already have when they’re on offer?

I’m definitely going to apply the same mentality for when I buy school uniforms and back-to-school in future too! Buy uniforms when there are offers in September, but buy more than you need or sizes that are bigger for next year. Stock up on stationary and look out for deals on laptops when the kids are older.

I hope you enjoyed my top three tips on how stock-piling can help you save. I’m sure you have plenty of your own, so be sure to leave them in the comments section!

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