Avent Grown Up Cup

Blake drinks a lot of water now,he use to be really fussy and not like drinking it. 
He has only tried juice once and he wasn't too keen which can only be a good thing.
I want Blake to grow up loving water as I am pretty rubbish at drinking it myself. 
I can go a whole day without drinking anything and then remember just before bed. 

Blake has a wide range of cups from straw ones to general sippy cups from a wide range of brands. But the Avent Grown Up Cup is a little different. 

The revolutionary Philip's Avent cup helps your toddler to transition to grown up drinking. 
The unique spill-proof valve is lip activated and allows drinking from around the rim.  

I was a little unsure if Blake would drink from it as he can usually be fussy. 
However I needn't have worried as he was able to drink from it with ease.

We like that it has handles so that Blake can hold it easily (although he likes to fling it across the room). This means that he can drink independently without our help. 
We also like that it encourages Blake to drink from around the rim like an adult cup. 
The lip activated valve is great as it means no mess and gives Blake the chance to 
master free-flow drinking. 
We also like that the cup also comes with a protective hygiene lid for keeping the cup clean. 

The bottle is easy to clean we just pop it into the dishwasher and give it a little rinse afterwards and its good to go. 

Have you tired the Avent Grown Up Cup? 
If not what cup do use with your little one? 

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