Blake's Easter Basket

This weekend will be Easter which has come around pretty quick. 
Last year I shared with you what was in Blake's 1st Easter basket
I have done one once again for him this year as I love the tradition. 

Last year Blake was 4 months old at the time and I picked out bits that I knew he 
would get use of.  He still loves the books and the ball set we had got him. 
The only things he doesn't use anymore are the inkless print set as it was a one off thing and 
the sock on's as he out grew them and are longer needed. 

So here is what is included in Blake's Easter basket this year: 

As Blake loves books it is why I chose for his basket to have mainly books. 
He loves to sit on my lap and snuggle up as I read him a book or two. 

I picked out the Dvd as I love peter rabbit when I was younger and want Blake to enjoy
Beatrix potter too. 

The cute little rabbit in a carrot is cute little gift idea which I had to include. 

I'm looking forward to giving Blake his Easter basket on Friday and then snuggling up with him reading his new books and watching some of stories from the DVD. 

We didn't include chocolate in this years basket as Blake tends to be fussy and 
sometimes he likes chocolate and will get it all over himself. Other times he's not 
keen and just chucks it on the floor so it would be a waste. 

If you have kids will you be doing a basket this year for them? 
If so I'd love to see what you have included. 

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