Blake's First Pair Of Clarks Shoes: Prewalkers

Over the weekend Blake hit a milestone and now at nearly 15 months old he 
has got his first pair of shoes from Clarks. 

He isn't walking on his own just yet but he is cruising and walking with the use of a walker and with the help from me and Stuart. 
Blake has worn pram shoes before from Next very occasionally but we decided 
it was time that he starts to get use to proper shoes before he is off and walking on his own.

To help encourage him to walk we have been doing the following:
-Using push-along toys to help aid walking
- Using verbal encouragement when he is walking with help
- making a game of pointing at a toy or object and helping him to walk over to it.

So anyway, Saturday lunch time we went into our local Clarks store to see what shoes they had. 
Our local store is rather small so only have a small collection but I spotted these
pre-walkers. I liked the navy colour as it will go with the majority of items of clothing in his 
wardrobe. I really love the cute plane design on the side too. 

Blake was rather excited and his usual happy and smiley self in the shop
and was fine getting his little feet measured. 

Once we knew his size the lady brought out the shoes that we had chosen and put
them on Blake and made sure that they were a good fit.

He is very happy with his new shoes and seems to love wearing them which
means they are obviously comfy. 

We chose to get pre-walkers because as he is cruising and walking with aid
and the floors in our home are wooden so with bare feet or socks he slips over easily. 

We do however make sure that he doesn't have shoes on all the time to make sure  that he gets used to walking bare foot as well. 

One of the things I really liked about the experience of buying his first pair of shoes
was that you get a free photo of your child wearing his/her first shoes. 

Now with Blake it was very tricky and took quite a few attempts of trying to get 
a goodish photo. He wasn't really playing ball but we do have a photo although not the best one. However as you can see at home he was ok in doing so for Mummy although he does look less than impressed. 

When did you get your little ones first shoes?
Did you go to Clarks or somewhere else? 

Would you like to comment?

Unknown said...

Amelia got her first shoes from Clarks when she was around 8mths, she had just started to hover so we got her the cutest little pink pair i could find!! The lasted all of a month or so before her feet grew lol Your little one is so cute and i bet hes needing new ones soon too!!

MummyTravels said...

I think we did go to Clarks for our first pair too as they're so good with the different types. No photo sadly! I do like their kids'range although I prefer not to use our local branch after a few bad experiences.

Unknown said...

Those shoes look adorable! I remember when we first got our daughter her first proper shoes (not baby shoes) like it was yesterday. Her first pair was from Startrite and then moved on to Clarks too :) Dean of Little STeps

Unknown said...

we got our first shoes from clarks and they were so cute then (i think all baby feet are cute because they are so small :p) they gave us such a great experience in their with a photograph as well ! was so lovely

Ana De-Jesus said...

Clarks are one of the best shoebrands out there we used to use it for me at school. I have to say how cute Blake is too and I do love his shoes!

Anosa said...

I don't yet have kids but I do love Clarks shoes as they are always comfortable and they last. How cool that they let you take first picture of your baby in he's shoes.

Ickle Pickle said...

Oh this is such a milestone. I always get Clarks for mine - until they get much older. Pickle didn't walk until he was 19 months old! Kaz x

Georgina prince said...

Clarks are defo the best quality kids shoes, We always get my eldest's school shoes from there and to be honest it's just not worth buying the cheap ones as you end up buying loads of pairs a year. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Bless him, those shoes are so cute and small. It brings back good memories of taking the boys to get their first pair of Clarks shoes x

Emma White said...

all 6 of mine got their first shoes from here and I still have all 6 first pairs ;)

Fiona said...

Aww what a lovely little milestone for Blake to reach and his shoes are lovely too. My sons first shoes were also from Clarks :)

Heart2Art said...

I went to Clarks for my eldest's first shoes. They are expensive but they make such an occasion out of it. I loved the photo and the little keep sake box and will be repeating this when my youngest is up on her feet.

beautyqueenuk said...

Oh wow how cute are they? my twin nephews have just got their first pair of shoes, and they are so cute x

Unknown said...

I don't have children but I remember being taken to Clarks for all my shoes. I used to think they weren't cool but actually they looked after my feet. One of my friends from school who never owned a pair of shoes from Clarks had to have bunions removed from BOTH feet at the age of 20.

Unknown said...

I love that Clarks make a fuss of first shoes - I still have the photos from my boys - and the shoes of course!

Anonymous said...

Well done Blake! These look awesome. My first pair of shoes were from StartRite! Very expensive but worth the money. You get what you pay for xx

Nichola - Globalmouse said...

All of mine had Clarks shoes as the first pair, they are the best I think and really take the time to check they fit properly. Love those first photos!

Unknown said...

I love Clark's shoes for kids! My son had cruisers at around 11 months as he was ready for walking. I still insist on buying them as they are well fitted and such good shoes

Michelle said...

Little J gets all his shoes from Clarks - you can't beat them

Kara said...

The first pair of shoes is so special isn't it - I have kept all ours