Controlled crying

Today I am writing a very controversial topic about Controlled Crying. 
I recently came across a video on Channel Mum about Controlled Crying and wanted to give my opinion on the topic. 

There are a couple of things I wanted to mention, first being I won't be allowing any negative and "bullying" comments on this post so they won't be published. You are however welcome to give your own opinion as long as you aren't "bullying" others on their opinions (including mine). 

I would also like to mention that controlled crying is completely different from Crying it out. 
Crying it out is leaving your baby to cry without going to see them until they eventually fall asleep. This is something we would never do and something we don't agree on. Controlled crying is basically letting your child cry for a set period of time and then going in seeing to them and comforting them. You then gradually increase the periods of time before being comforted until they fall asleep. 

This is something we have done with Blake. Blake in general is a good sleeper and has been from 6 weeks old. Controlled Crying shouldn't be done under the age of 6 months by the way as at that age they will generally need something. Although Blake is a good sleeper there have been a few occasions when he wakes in the night. We do go and see to him and make sure he isn't ill or hungry (if I know he hasn't eaten much during the day) or has wet through. If its none of these things which is very rare than it is usually him wanting attention but if after a cuddle he is still upset than we will do controlled crying. Now when it comes to controlled crying most times that we have done it Blake has stopped after 10 minutes and gone to sleep. I know this is going to have mixed views and opinions on this but Blake is such a happy and cheeky little boy and he is much less grumpy if he has had a good nights sleep. 

This is something that has just worked for us and I'd do it again with the next child too and see if it works but if it don't then I'm not going to force it. 

 Have you tried controlled crying? Do share your experiences in the comments below.

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