Drinks & Supplements To Aid Health

Recently I've been struggling to be more healthy and to loose weight and I'm wanting to 
at least loose a bit of weight before we go away to Cape Verde in November. 

I have been sent a few drinks and a supplement which are aimed at being healthy and to help aid that. 

James White Drinks’ unique Organic Ginger Zinger
Premiium freshly pressed juice brand, James White Drinks, has answered the prayers of ginger drink fans everywhere with the launch of its unique Organic Ginger Zinger Shot, which is guaranteed to revitalise the senses with its fiery zing!
 A 7cl shot,  made with 26% crushed ginger juice, 57% apple juice and 17% water and absolutely nothing else. This a great alternative to caffeine loaded coffees and energy drinks that I drink far too much of. Apart from the taste, another factor that makes James White Drinks’ latest development so interesting is the use of pressed ginger juice, rather than ginger flavourings. The benefits of ginger date back thousands of years and are widely known and published to include relief from nausea and arthritis, along with the immune system boosting benefits.

Grace Aloe Refresh

Grace Aloe Refresh are just bringing out their Zero Sugar soft drink with real aloe vera pieces. Not only is this drink a great way to stay slim and refreshed in the coming warmer months, but the aloe vera within is proven to benefit hair and scalp repair to give you the summer body and the shimmering locks.Grace Aloe Refresh is a great tasting and refreshing, made from real aloe vera juice with zero sugar. 
The drink contains: 
- 30% real aloe vera juice
- more than 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C per bottle to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. 
- No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Tom Oliver Omega 3
Research findings demonstrate that Omega-3 oil extracted from herring caviar, is 80% better absorbed into the body over a twelve hour period than Omega 3 produced from standard fish oil. This is the first evidence that some forms of Omega 3 are superior to others.Omega-3 extracted from herring caviar has a high rate of efficacy compared to standard fish oil and the easy to swallow gel capsule is achieved without synthetic enhancers or preservatives. And all this comes with minimal cost to our precious natural environment. 
Tom Oliver Omega 3 Herring Caviar has many benefits:·     

-     Proven high intensity bioavailability compared to standard fish oil
-       Harvested from the pristine waters of the Norwegian Fjords
-      Ethically sourced - sustainably produced
-      Once a day formula
-      No fishy burps
-    Small easy-to-swallow soft gel capsules
-     Your perfect health and fitness partner

Are you trying to be more healthy?