Real Nappy Week 2016

In the last year or so we moved Blake onto cloth nappies we chose to do this when he was just over 6 months old. We originally had wanted to do this from birth but he was so small for the nappies that we had that he just peed out of them. 

I've done a few posts before on cloth/real nappies before: 

But today in aid of Real Nappy week 2016 I wanted to share with you some of our favorite nappies and products. If you are new to cloth nappies you may want to read some of the posts above before continuing to read this one.

Above is a selection of our Bambino Miosolo (AIO) nappies we have 10 of these types of nappies in total in different prints and we love them! Not only are they pretty but they are also so good at keeping everything to contained and simple to use. We use these nappies for when we are out and about and also at night. The below ones are my favorite prints from Bambino Mio. 

All in one nappies like Bambino Miosolos are pretty simple to use.These nappies have  an absorbent inner with an attached waterproof outer layer. This means you don't need a separate wrap.  They are a bit slower to dry than other types of nappies however I've never had an issue with this. 

We also use prefolds and a wrap which are the nappies I use when around the house or if we are just nipping somewhere not too far away like to the nearest park which is 5 mins away from home. I love these as they are good at keeping everything contained the only downside I find with them is that as your child gets more older and are wiggly than you have the issue of the nappy moving everywhere. I personally have started to use these less now although I still will use them but the Miosolos are our go to at the moment. 
They will definitely come handy in the future though for when we have another child.  They are the best for drying the fastest which is another reason we love them so much. 

Another type of nappy we have recently tried out is a Hybrid nappy. Admittedly we brought this as an impulse buy as Stuart is a huge sonic the hedgehog fan. However I am glad we have purchased it as it works rather well with a Bambino Mio wrap over the top. 

Accessories Needed: 

- Nappy Bucket : We have the Bambino Mio one which has a lockable lid but any will do. 

- Laundry Bags: These are what go in bucket so you don't have to touch the nappies when you put them in the wash. 

- Mioboosts: This is to give cloth nappies more absorbency

- Liners: We use the Bambino Mio ones which go in the nappy to catch poo. 

- Miofresh: Not essential but we like to use this nappy cleanser with our usual non bio. 

- Wet Bag: To put your clean and dirty nappies in when going out and about. We have one which has two compartments to keep clean and dirty ones separate. 

- Vest extenders: A recent purchase for us which we wish we had brought sooner. 

- Cloth wipes: We use cloth wipes as well which are great at cleaning bums and we make our own nappy wipe solution so we know what is going on Blake's bum. 

I hope this post and/or any of my other cloth nappy posts have been helpful to you. 
I'd love to know your thoughts on cloth nappies. 
Do you use them? have you used them? 
If not why you have chosen not to use them?

Would you like to comment?