April Favorites


Hi Everyone, so its the first of May which means its favorites time! For April I must admit there isn't that many things that I have been loving this month but I'm hoping May will be better. 

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I really like wrap tops at the moment I only own one which is this navy and white stripe one from yours clothing. I picked this one up as it was on sale it is a bit low cut so I wear it with a white vest top underneath. I definitely want to buy some more wrap tops though. 

Another clothing item is this gorgeous Kimono from Dorthy Perkins. 
I picked this up as it will be great for the summer and for taking with me when we go to Cape Verde later in the year. I love pattern at the bottom and have worn this quite a bit already when its been a bit warmer. 

A bit of a random one but I'm liking the Natrasan First Aid Spray at the moment. 
I love a good multipurpse product and this spray can be used for: 
- wounds and bites
- acne, spots and athletes foot 
- minor burns and scalds
- hand and skin disinfectant 
- hard and soft surface sanitation

I've mainly been using it to clean out Blake's nappy bin and changing mat but I've recently used it as a hand disinfectant when I ran out of hand sanatiser.

I've mentioned Twinkl quite a lot over the last week so I wont go into too much detail. 
Twinkl is basically a fab site that has great teaching resources which teachers, childminders and parents can use to aid children's learning. 

I've only been using this for two weeks with Blake for bath time and we are really loving it.
You can read my review here. I love that its got such a gentle powdery scent and that a small amount goes a long way. Blake is loving it too because of the amount of bubbles. 

Blake loves books and the Usborne Peep Inside Dinosaurs book has been his favorite this month. He's had this book for a few months now, but this month he's really enjoyed us reading this book to him. He also loves sitting there lifting the flaps up and down and turning the pages. 

When we went to Mead Open Farm at Easter we picked a few items up in the gift shop. 
One item I've not pictured is his new bath toy which he is loving. Its a fishing net and 3 mini rubber ducks he's loved this at bath time. Another item we got from there was the above puppet I do think it is very over priced at £13.99 which Stuart brought for Blake but he does love it and we try and get loads of use out of it when playing with Blake. 
Last of all we got him this little steering wheel toy which was also from the gift shop at the farm and for £2.99 its not a bad price. Blake loves pressing the buttons which makes engine and horn noises. He's not quite got the hang of pulling the bottom bit quite yet but still he has been playing with it a lot this month.

What are your favorites from April? I'd love to know, comment below. 

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  1. Love that top especially since it's almost summer... Love the stripes :)

  2. I've just renewed my subscription to Twinkl and have to say its my new current obsession! My kids range from 11 to 18months and I use it for all of them. Wish it had been around when I was teaching! xx

  3. That first aid spray looks really useful - one for my kitchen drawer I think - I've never heard of them before.

  4. I never ever think to do a blog post like this and considering I post 6 of the 7 days a week, I should be able to find posts I like x

  5. Ah I love the puppet- they are good to have about for making play time more interactive. And the first aid spray sounds like a great idea. I've been loving my charity shop finds this month- it's so rewarding to find bargains! This month I got a new pair of m&s baby dungarees unworn for 1.49, a brand new baby boy cardigan for 1.49, a little tikes game for about £2 and an electric drum brand new for about £3! A x

  6. I love that kimono, it's so pretty! x

  7. I love that Kimono and it's something that I've been looking for. A nice cover up, but something that wont make me too warm x

  8. I love the look of the puppet. Sadly I'd probably have more fun with it than the kids lol

  9. The kimono top is so lovely (and very jealous that you are off to Cape Verde)!

  10. Love reading round ups, I rally love the kimono, so cute.

  11. I can't believe its May already! I love the Kimono from Dorthy Perkins, I really like the pattern at the bottom too!

  12. I love your new fashion statements for the summer months - both should be ideal for your cape Verde holiday!

  13. I love that Kimono - am after a lighter cardigan (in the hope that warmer weather will be here soon)

  14. I love a good round up post. I have a thing for stripes so that top would suit me down to the ground. I also don't like anything too low cut so I would do the same as you. :) The kimono is lovely to. I bet you can't wait for your holiday. Thanks for sharing your favourites.

  15. Loving the Dorothy Perkins kimono! Perfect for summer :)

  16. Twinkl is amazing actually we have a membership too. Great favourites.

  17. Love that tshirt and kimono. Perfect for Spring and Summer

  18. Nice selection. I take first aid spray with me whenever I take groups out hiking, really useful!