Baby Pip Eats & Supercharged Food For Kids Books

Baby Pip Eats recipe developer Amie Harper transforms weaning into a fun and vibrant learning experience.  Blake started weaning when he was 5 months old and is now 17 months but this book is going to come in handy with helping to encourage him to try new foods. With a dish for each letter of the alphabet these recipes are fun and nutritious. 
You can rustle up some fun meals for example: 
Moo cow burgers, kitty cauliflower patties and avocado bites, woof potato pancakes, snow flake toasts with snow (cauliflower soup). Its a great way to get nutritious foods into your little one. Each of the recipes have the nutritional benefits listed, what age the dish is suitable for and how many family members it also feeds. Its a must have book for parents wanting  an easier and more nutritious feeding time. I'm looking forward to trying out the broccoli au gratin recipe which is great for the whole family. 

Health guru Lee Holmes new book aims to establish positive eating habits for your kids with delicious child-friendly recipes for the home kitchen.

Supercharged food for kids will inspire you to create fresh, wholesome and nutritious meals for your children. This book is packed with recipes that even fussy eaters will love. 
The book also comes with advice on how to avoid added sugar and processed foods, eating allergies and intolerance's, tips for busy families, and the lowdown on how to sneak superfoods into everyday meals. The book features favorites such as pizza, chicken nuggets, pasta and desserts. They reinvented using fresh and healthy ingredients and the book also has ideas for yummy snacks and school lunches. 
Recipe examples include: 
Cauliflower mac and cheese, fluffy banana and coconut pancakes, mini spring rolls, mini salmon frittatas, fruit sailing boats, banana ice cream and chocolate cake. 

I really like the layouts of both books as they are so easy to find the recipes. 
The supercharged food for kids book has the meals, snacks, desserts all in there own sections along with a section of lunch box ideas which include sandwich and wrap ideas and even a Monday-Friday lunch box menu. The great thing is that all the recipes in both books are suitable for the whole family and they get you trying out something new and exciting at meal times. 

Baby Pip Eats and Supercharged food for kids will both be published 2nd June 2016. 
Baby Pip Eats RRP:£9.99 and Supercharged food for kids RRP:£12.99. 

Will you be checking out these books to see if you can find some yummy meals and treats? 

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