Guide to cleaning and organising your kitchen

This time of year is when I like to have a spring clean and one area of my home which I am in need to sorting out is my kitchen. Its my least favorite room in our flat, mainly as its so small its hard to move around but also as we don't have enough storage space. 

Mayfair Granite have come up with ways on how to clean and organise your kitchen this spring. You can read the fab guide over on betterhousekeeper.  This guide is making it more easier for me to keep on top of what I need to do which can be hard when you have a 17 month old who keeps causing chaos in other rooms. 

Here is how I have used the advice to clean and organise my own kitchen: 

Get your supplies together: 
I always make sure I know where all my cleaning supplies are and store them together. 
This helps for when you do you daily and weekly clean as well. I like the idea of using baskets so you don't need to keep looking through the cupboards to find what you need. I also make sure I do a pre clean by making sure all counter tops are clean and clutter removed so its more easier to start. 

Some of the supplies I like to have are: 
- A good multi-surface cleaner, soapy water or white vinager will do
-Dish cloths and sponges
-  Dustpan and brush
-  Mop/steam cleaner
- Floor cleaner
- A small bucket with a handle or bowl will do  
- Oven cleaner
- Step ladder
-Vacuum cleaner
- Bin bags
- Lemon (for cleaning the microwave) 

Organising and cleaning the pantry
We don't have a pantry and store our tins and packet food in the cupboards.
I do one cupboard/drawer at a time and remove all items, check dates etc and throw out anything that is out of date, stale, empty or that we don't/wont use.  I like to do this relatively often, as leaving out of date food in cupboards can easily attract pests into the home. Of course, if I was to see a sign of an infestation, I'd be looking into a company like that could come and help me with the issue. I then wipe down all the shelves and arrange items into categories such as spices, condiments etc. This way when they go back in they are together so you can find things more easily. I'm thinking of using a couple of baskets to keep everything together. 

Organising Fridge/freezer
Start off by defrosting your freezer and then remove items organizing each shelf/drawer at a time. Throw out any foods that are out of date/have been there for awhile. Remove the shelves/drawers and clean well with hot soapy water. Make sure that you wipe down the inside of your fridge/freezer getting into hard to clean areas. Once cleaned I do the same as with the cupboards and arrange items into categories to keep items such as vegetables together. 

Cleaning the oven 
Open all windows and make sure you stick the safety precautions on you oven cleaner. 
Remove and clean all shelves in the oven you may need to use a brillo pad and some elbow grease. Follow the instructions on how to use your oven cleaner,its normally that you spray it in the oven and over the glass oven door and leave for 30 mins. Once done scrub and wipe off excess cleaner. 

Clean other appliances
I wipe down most appliances every week but make sure I do a deep clean every now and then. White vinegar is good for kettles and I like to use a bowl of lemon juice and water to clean the microwave. 

Worktops and floor
This is done more than once a week but at the end of your big clean its time to make your worktops clean and shiny. I then like to sweep up any dust, food, debris off the floor and then go over it with our trusty dyson for good measure and then steam or mop the whole floor. 

I also like to make sure I wipe all the walls and splash backs as well these are places that can often get missed. 

Will you be doing a spring clean in your kitchen soon? or maybe you have already 
let me know in the comments below. 

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