Baby Classes and Groups

Back when Blake was three months old I started going to baby groups and classes with him as a way to get out of the house, meet other mum's and for Blake to be around other babies.

I've never been one for liking big groups of people and the idea at first filled me with dread. 
I remember the first group I went to was a new mum's group for new parents with non mobile babies. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting and i got talking to two ladies who also had boys and we are still touch over a year a later. The first time going I admit can be scary especially if like me you are introvert but I'm glad I got out of my comfort zone and just  went. 

These sorts of groups have so many great benefits too and I still go to at least one a week. 
Blake currently goes to a Baby Beeps sensory class on a Thursday morning and we also are attempting to get out and go to one at a local church on a Tuesday afternoon or Friday morning. Another thing we chose to do with Blake is swimming lessons which have been so beneficial. First of all it's given us something to do as a family every Saturday afternoon but also Blake loves splashing around in the pool and is definitely a water baby. 

One of the things that got me to start going to groups  was lets be honest when you are a stay at home mum it can be lonely.  Not only that but being stuck indoors at home with your baby can be suffocating and can also be quite boring after awhile. Going to groups/classes has given us the much needed change of environment. The great thing is that these types of groups are either free or don't cost the earth to go to. 

Another reason is you get to meet other Mum's/Dad's and your little one gets to interact with other children of the same age and/or different age groups. 
Some groups also have the added bonus of free coffee and cake for us parents and if your child is old enough healthy snacks and drinks for them too. 

Now over to you Do you take your little ones to groups/classes?

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