Baby Number 2? ( Not yet)

It's been over two years now since I saw the two lines on a pregnancy test  and from when Blake was first born I've always had the question on when we are going have another one. 
Not if we are going to have another one when! The question has been asked far too many times for my liking since Blake turned a year old back in December. 

For me having another child is definitely an If rather than when for many reasons. The main reason is because of what I went through to have Blake. 

Having PCOS means that try to conceive can be pretty tricky. My first step was to start loosing weight which is why in 2013 I chose to start doing slimming world. I then was referred to the hospital for tests, simple tests such as a scan to see if I did indeed have cysts on my ovaries but also intrusive tests which were rather uncomfortable. Then I was put on metiformin and fertility drugs  and had to have a blood test every month to see if I was ovulating, which I was so the drugs were working. I did fall pregnant pretty quick on them but that isn't the case for everyone and some people find that they can't have children so I hate that people have to question others about when they will have children or when they will have another. 

So guess what will happen if we choose to have another child? I'm going to have to go through that all over again. At this moment in time it's not something I am ready for. I know some people go through a lot worse to have a child but I feel people need to be far more considerate around asking such a personal question. 

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